X-Drone Nano 2.0 Review

The X-Drone from 4DCopter TM is a nano drone intended to pack hours of fun into a tiny flying machine. The drone boasts numerous fun features, such as a light up body and bold colors. In addition, however, it holds its own as a serious drone for drone lovers. It is designed specifically to be responsive at the controls, flies at three different speeds, conducts flips at a simple command, and possesses battery technology designed to maximize flight time and minimize charging time. The combination of all these features creates an exceptional and fun little drone.

X-Drone Nano 2.0

Product Specs

The X-Drone possesses a number of specs that make it a wise choice for drone fliers of all kinds. For instance, a relatively long flight time, a range of speeds from which to choose, and its tiny size reveal it to be a fun and reliable flying machine. Following are a few of its most important specs.

• Stability: Gyro stabilization
• Battery: Lithium
• Control: Remote controller
• Flight time: About 10 min.
• Accessories: Remote controller, 4 propellers
• Speeds: Slow, medium, fast
• Colors: Black, Orange, Green, White
• Dimensions: 2in. X 2in. X 0.8in.

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The X-Drone Nano from 4DCopter TM is a pint-sized ball of fun for drone fliers of all kinds. Reviewers report consistently being surprised by the drone’s tiny size. It measures just a couple inches long and wide, making it easy to fit in the palm of the hand. While such a small drone might be easy to lose, especially if you fly it at night, the drone comes equipped with lights. These lights, as reported by reviewers, make it easy to see in the dark, and make it easier to fly regardless of the circumstances.

One of the main features of the X-Drone is its responsiveness during flying. The drone synchronizes with the hand controller quickly and easily. As a result, the drone is capable of reading and responding to your commands almost instantaneously. Reviewers report being pleased with the drone’s responsiveness. In addition, they note that the drone is especially fast. As a result, they enjoy speedy, responsive performance from the drone that allows it to obey user commands even while traveling at a speed that is faster than many reviewers expect out of a drone.

While the X-Drone is capable of lightning-fast speed, it comes with a number of speed options. These includes low, medium, and fast. This means that fliers can take the drone indoors and fly it at low speed, because the slower speed allows for greater control and less risk of crashes. On the other hand, more confident drone fliers can take the drone outside and enjoy the kind of breathtaking, speedy flights that can occur in larger spaces. Even when engaged in the faster speeds, the X-Drone responds reliably to the controls, allowing fliers to manage the drone easily.

Besides speed and responsiveness, the X-Drone is just plain fun to fly. For instance, its small size alone makes it an entertaining flying machine. In addition, it comes in one of a number of bright, bold colors, such as green or orange. Its bright neon lights add to its appeal. In addition, it can complete 360º flips with just two actions, allowing it to impress friends and family. Finally, its speediness makes it an enjoyable drone to take for a spin.

Finally, the X-Drone stands out because of its battery. While most drones have relatively short flight times, due to the amount of power they require from their batteries, the X-Drone is designed to fly just a little longer. Reviewers find that it can fly around 10 minutes before needing to be recharged. In addition, the drone comes with a lithium battery to make recharging a bit shorter and to help speed up the process of getting back out for a fun flight.

When flying a drone, you want to enjoy a fun, fast, and reliable machine. The X-Drone provides all of these features in a small package. Its appealing features, complete flips, responsive design, and multiple speeds make it a good choice for anyone looking to combine performance and fun in a single drone.

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