UDI U27 RC Quadcopter

The U27 quadcopter from UDI is a remote-controlled (RC) quadcopter designed for acrobatic fun in the air. This drone comes packed with features that enable it to fly upside down, perform flips, and otherwise offer a way to entertain friends, family, or just yourself. In addition, its stability and ease of use make it ideal for beginning quadcopter fliers, while its high quality and tricks make it a fun toy for experienced fliers as well. Packaged in a small body, the UDI U27 offers a unique and fun way to engage fly a quadcopter.

UDI u27 RC Quadcopter

Product Specs

While flying the U27 is the best way to truly understand the kind of entertaining experience it offers, its specs do give you a glimpse into its capabilities. Following are a few of its most important features:

• Stability: 2.4 gHz control/ 6-axis gyro
• Battery: Rechargeable LiPo battery
• Control: 2.4GHz remote control,
• Accessories: Two flying batteries, remote control, 4 extra blades, USB charger, 4 propeller covers, user manual
• Fly time: About 10 min.
• Dimensions: 5.47in. X 5.47in. X 1.4in.

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UDI u27 Review

The UDI U27 is a surprisingly small quadcopter that comes packed with a surprising amount of fun. The quadcopter itself is about the size of an adult’s hand. This small size provides you with a zippy, easy to fly drone that can be easily taken anywhere you wish to fly. It is also small enough to easily fly indoors.

Despite its small size, this quadcopter is designed to maximize fun. Perhaps its most outstanding feature is its ability to engage in inverted and 3D flying. These terms refer to the fact that the drone can flip 180º at the touch of a switch. Once upside down, it can continue to fly in that position for an extended length of time. Many other quadcopters are capable of doing quick, 360º flips. The UDI U27 quadcopter, however, is unique in its ability to sustain flight in an upside down position. This ability adds to the fun of flying it, and creates an entertaining trick to perform for friends and family. Reviewers report that this feature is one of the U27’s most appealing. They note that the quadcopter flies reliably upside down and does not become disoriented once it is flipped.

In addition to its unique flying capabilities, the UDI U27 offers versatility. For instance, the quadcopter comes with four motors. It is these motors that give it the ability to fly reliably upside down. In addition, however, they also allow for multi-directional flight. You can also choose how fast to fly the U27 by selecting from among low, standard, and high speed settings. The low setting is ideal for helping beginning fliers learn how to control the quadcopter, while the high speed setting allows for a more exhilarating and challenging flying experience for more seasoned drone hobbyists. Reviewers report enjoying this feature of the drone, particularly because it allows them to choose the speed that gives them the control they want over the drone.

Beginning quadcopter fliers may also enjoy the U27’s stability. This stability is due both to the quality of the remote controller and to the fact that the quadcopter comes with a 6-axis gyro. The UDI U27 also comes with a number of additional features and accessories that add to the overall experience and to its overall value. For instance, the drone comes with LED lights that make it possible to fly it in the dark without losing it. In addition, it comes with two flight batteries, allowing you to keep flying the drone while one of the batteries charges. The only downside to the accessories noted by reviewers is the fact that the package does not come with the 4 AAA batteries needed to operate the remote control. Otherwise, the U27 comes ready to fly right out of the box.

There are numerous quadcopters on the market today. While differentiating among them may seem impossible because of the number of features they often have in common, the U27 truly does stand out. This small but dynamic quadcopter, with its inverted and 3D flying abilities, sets itself apart from the crowd of quadcopters. Its small size, versatility, stability, and convenient details and accessories make it a smart choice for both seasoned and beginning drone fliers. The result is a fun, powerful, and appealing quadcopter.

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