Swiss Post and Matternet to Test Drone Postal Deliveries

Switzerland has announced plans to test drone deliveries of mail and packages starting this summer. They will be working with California-based start-up, Matternet.

Matternet specializes in autonomous delivery drones, similar to what Amazon is hoping to accomplish. They currently have the Matternet ONE ready to fly which starts at $5,000. The ONE can handle temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius as well as moderate rain while flying.

matternet one

Given that 65% of Switzerland consists of the Swiss Alps, being able to handle rugged conditions will be important for the Swiss Post to consider the experiment a success. The main goal of the project will be to more easily make deliveries to remote, rural locations where it’s costly to send out a human to.

This is a good sign for the US drone industry that even while the FAA has regulations tight, companies are still able to land deals outside the US and gain valuable experience for when regulations ease later.

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