Sky Viper Nano Drone Review

For drone enthusiasts looking for an inexpensive, fun, and agile drone to purchase, the Sky Viper Nano is an ideal choice. This tiny drone measures less than 3 inches in diameter, but comes with sophisticated technology and outstanding agility. Capable of performing rolls at the touch of a button, controllable up to 200 feet, and boasting four propellers to provide even greater control, the Nano earns praise from reviewers for its quality and performance. The result is a drone that is fun to fly, easy to control, and a reviewer-praised way to enjoy the drone flying hobby.

Sky Viper Nano Drone

Product Specs

The Sky Viper Nano’s specs reveal a drone that boasts quality and agility that far exceed its small size. Following are a few of its most important, and revealing, features:

• Stability: Comes with four blades for added stability
• Battery: 3.7 volt 100mAH LiPo battery
• Control: 2.4GHz remote transmitter
• Accessories: Remote transmitter, charging cable, 1 battery, 4 blades, replacement propeller, propeller screws, user manual
• Charge time: 15 min.
• Fly time: About 10 min.
• Dimensions: 2in. X 7.8in. X 9.8in.

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The Sky Viper Nano comes with a number of features that allow it to stand out among nano drones on the market. This drone, which is only 2.75 in. in diameter, fits easily in the palm of the hand for fun and nimble flying. Despite its small size, however, it comes with sophisticated technology that makes it easy to control. For instance, one of this most fun features is the presence of a Stunt button. This button allows you to perform barrel rolls and other tricks with the push of a button. The drone’s ability to perform stunts quickly and effortlessly add to its overall pleasing flying experience and make it a snap for even inexperienced users to achieve fun tricks.

The drone’s ability to perform tricks with a single button is one example of an agility that infuses the entire flying experience with this drone. In fact, it is this agility which reviewers praise above almost any other feature of the drone, and is one of the reasons that this drone is just plain fun to fly. The flying experience with the Nano is also improved by its four-blade technology. This technology means that the drone comes with four propellers that possess numerous sensors. These sensors perform a variety of tasks: They help to sense shifts in the drone in order to allow the Nano to compensate and remain stable in the air. In addition, they contribute to the drone’s overall agility and responsiveness when flying.

In fact, reviewers note the Nano’s responsiveness and remark that it is easy to control, even for beginning drone fliers. The only warning that reviewers give regarding the Nano’s stability is a tendency to be blown about outside in windy conditions, due to its light weight and tiny size. Otherwise, they report that the drone remains stable and maneuverable in the air. In addition, they note that the flying experience and responsiveness perform as billed by the company, making this drone a reliable as well as a fun investment.

One other note that reviewers make is that the drone comes with a transmitter that is set up exactly like the controllers of more expensive and sophisticated drones. The result is that this tiny drone provides a flying experience that mirrors that of more expensive drones, making it possible to gain flying experience on this less expensive drone that will serve you well should you choose to invest in a larger drone later on.

To improve the Nano’s flying responsiveness, the drone also comes with a remote transmitter that is capable of controlling it up to 200 feet. This gives you the space to enjoy a relatively long-distance flight without losing your drone. In addition, the battery recharges within 15 minutes, allowing you to enjoy repeated flights without long wait times in between. It also comes with useful accessories such as an extra blades that add to its overall value.

An inexpensive and tiny drone, the Sky Viper Nano provides amazing performance. Its maneuverability, responsiveness, and agility make it an enjoyable and worthwhile investment for drone fliers of all experience levels.

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  1. The drone is fun but it took some time to learn to control. After you master controlling, you’re left with a fun, giant mosquito like toy. It’s very good to annoy people and scare siblings. 5 stars. 👍


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