New Drone Camera Shoots with 80 MP and 10K Resolution

Phase One Industrial has announced a new camera – the iXU 180, which will be the world’s smallest 80 megapixel aerial camera. The Danish company is looking to take drone photography to a new level of excellence with this high-end technology.


The iXU 180 films at a resolution of 10,328 pixels wide – nearly 10 times bigger than your High Definition TV today. This resolution allows for an incredible amount of detail to be captured from wide shots. ┬áThe weight of the camera (excluding lens) is 925 grams, or 2 pounds. With that kind of weight, it’s sure to be a battery hog on your drone. If you can afford the iXU 180 at it’s expected price of $60,000, I’m sure you can buy some extra battery packs to compensate.

The iXU 180 can be used as a standalone camera, or put into a gyromount for capturing images from the air. Look for it to be released to the public sometime around mid-April of this year. While you wait, check out the video below for some stunning footage from another 80 MP camera by Phase One; the IQ 180.

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