Ionic Stratus Drone Quadcopter Review

The Ionic Stratus quadcopter is one of the least expensive camera-mountable drones on the market today. Designed to support the Go Pro Hero camera, it promises great photographs in the air. In addition, the drone comes with a number of features, such as headless mode and a customizable throttle control stick, that make it easy to navigate. The result is a simple to use, high performing drone that provides both enjoyable flying and photography.

Product Specs

The Ionic Stratus’ price and Go Pro camera attachment are two of its most outstanding features. However, its specs reveal that it is also a solid drone in other areas. Following are a few of its most important features:

• Stability: 6-axis gyro
• Battery: 3.7 volt 500mAH LiPo battery
• Control: 2.4G remote transmitter
• Accessories: Remote transmitter, charging cable, 1 battery, 4 rotating blades, 4 protection frames, 1 Go Pro Hero holder, 2 landing skids, screwdriver, user manual
• Color: Silver

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Ionic Stratus Drone Quadcopter Review

The Ionic Stratus drone is a stable, easily controlled, and inexpensive drone that brings many of the most desirable features for a drone together in a single affordable package. For instance, this drone boasts 6-axis gyro stability that allows it remain stable and reliable in the air, even when performing tricks such as 360º flips. In addition, the drone comes with landing gear that help to cushion its landing, improving its overall stability and keeping it and any attached camera safe from the negative effects of a hard landing.

The Ionic Stratus needs this stability because it also comes with a Go Pro Hero mount that allows you to secure a Go Pro Hero camera to the front. The result is that you can take high-quality Go Pro photographs from the air. Reviewers report that the drone succeeds in providing a stable, secure method for taking the Go Pro Hero camera up in the air and delivering satisfactory pictures of the flight. In addition, the drone is versatile enough to handle every type of Go Pro Hero camera, allowing it to offer a way to achieve aerial photographs regardless of the type of Hero camera you own.

In addition, this drone boasts a number of features that make it responsive and easily controlled during flight. For instance, it comes with a throttle control stick that allows the drone to move in a variety of directions. For instance, the drone can move up, down, left, or right, as well as conduct 360º flips with the push of one button. The controller also allows you to select from among three different speeds to allow you to obtain the flying experience you need.

Perhaps the most useful control feature of the Ionic Stratus is its headless mode. Most of the time, when you direct the drone to move in a certain direction, it moves in that direction based on where its front and back are, instead of in relation to where you are. In headless mode, the drone moves in relation to where you are located. This mode makes it easier to move the drone in the direction you desire. Reviewers report that the Ionic Stratus’ headless mode works smoothly to improve their control over the drone’s movements.

To complete its appeal, the Ionic Stratus comes with a number of practical accessories. These include landing skids, protection frames, and rotating blades so you do not have to buy anything extra in order to begin using the drone. The Ionic Stratus even comes with a screwdriver so you can immediately put the drone together and get to flying it without needing to hunt around for extra tools.

Drone flying can be an exciting pastime. The thrill of flying the drone is enhanced when the drone is responsive, agile, and reliable. The Ionic Stratus is all of these things. If it only offered fun flips, an ease of use that is hard to beat, and a headless mode and other features that make it responsive and easy to control in the air, it would still be a good deal. However, once the Go Pro Hero attachment and practical accessories are added in, it stands out as an exceptional value among quadcopter drones.

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