Holy Stone RC Drone Review

The remote-controlled drone from Holy Stone possesses features designed to make it both fun and easy to use. In addition, a number of practical accessories add value and functionality. With an ability to both take video and still photographs, an ability to perform flips and tricks, and a proven durability, the Holy Stone RC drone offers fliers of all experience levels the opportunity to enjoy smooth and enjoyable flights.

Holy Stone Drone Specs

The Holy Stone’s specs offer a glimpse into this drone’s ability to operate smoothly and reliably. They also provide a picture of the drone’s capabilities in the air. Following are a few of its most important features.

• Stability: 6-axis gyro
• Battery: 3.7 volt LiPo battery
• Control: 2.4G remote transmitter
• Charging time: 80min.
• Flight time: 7-9 min.
• Remote control range: 50-100 meters
• Accessories: Remote transmitter, charging cable, 2 batteries, 4 rotating blades, 4 protection frames, 2 landing skids, screwdriver, user manual
• Camera resolution: 1280 x 720
• Color: Black
• Dimensions: 12.2in. X 12.2in. X 3.7in.

Holy Stone Quadcopter Review

The remote-controlled drone from Holy Stone provides consumers with an affordable but rewarding way to enjoy the drone flying hobby. For its affordable price, you receive a durable and fun drone that is equipped with practical accessories and thoughtful details to make the flying experience easier.

One of this drone’s most useful features is its headless control mode. Headless mode makes the drone significantly easier to use, because it allows the drone to automatically orient itself in the sky. When the drone can orient itself, the flier can focus on enjoying the flight instead of on continually trying to keep the orientation correct. Reviewers generally report that headless mode works well on the Holy Stone, despite being somewhat complicated to set up at first. To make navigation even easier, the drone is all black, making it easier to spot and, therefore, navigate, during the day.

In addition to headless mode, the Holy Stone drone is designed to perform a wide range of tricks to amplify the amount of fun it provides. For instance, the drone can complete 360° flips in any direction, an ability that makes it more fun to fly. In addition, it can complete completes continuous rolls for a more satisfying performance. In addition to its agility, the Holy Stone drone includes a camera that can take both videos and still photographs. Reviewers generally report a satisfactory performance from the camera, even after crashes. Some even report that the camera quality exceeds their expectations by providing clear and high quality photographs relative to the inexpensive price.

The Holy Stone customer service that backs up its drone also possesses a reputation for responsiveness and promptness. Reviewers who have encountered problems with their drones have received working replacement parts without hassle. As a result, consumers can purchase the drone with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the company will quickly and easily resolved any problems they encounter with their drone.

In addition to all of these features, the Holy Stone drone allows both experienced and new drone fliers to use it easily. Reviewers give the drone positive reviews for its usability regardless of whether or not they have ever owned a drone before. Part of the reason for the drone’s usability is the fact that it is easy to put together. It comes with instructions which users find to be clear and understandable, and the drone stands up well during crashes, making it easy to experiment with for new users who need practice to get the hang of flying their new machine.

The Holy Stone RC drone is a durable, reliable, and more than satisfactory addition to any drone collection. Instead of being another inexpensive, run of the mill drone, it comes with appealing features that make it fun and rewarding to fly. From its dark color and headless mode, to its practical accessories, to its clear instructions and durability, it promises hours of fun for any drone enthusiast. Whether you are a beginner just learning about the drone hobby, or a more experienced flier looking to add another drone to the collection, you will find features to enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Holy Stone RC Drone Review”

  1. Checking possibility of this drone (using iPhone or android) being used by physically handicapped adult capability limited to one hand for control of movement.
    Is this possible?

  2. This is not so much as a review of the product but a review of the company Holy Stone. This Companies customer service is quick to respond and handle any situation to the best of their ability. Very friendly and totally backs their product. We flew our drone the X300C. It did not respond to the controller and flew off into the sunset. They immediately responded and are replacing the product. You will have to have ur purchase info so you’ll want to hang onto that information. The drone is a very well made product that is super fast, i can definately attest to that . Lol! As me and my boy friend watched it fly higher and higher and such a far distance that we were unable to recover it. I will suggest to all that they have some type of compus with them to determine where exactly their drone goes down if that should happen. Have fun with the product and know it is a great company.


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