Drone Investment Up 104% In 2014

According to CBInsights, funding for drone start-ups were up 104% to $108 million for 2014. 29 funding deals were completed with Airwave taking in the most money. Investments into drone companies is a sign of increasing main stream acceptance of the utility of drones, and a vote of confidence that there is a serious future for the quadcopter industry.

Many of these companies are looking to revolutionize and expand the commercial drone market and by making advanced autopilot and hardware quadcopter technology. Some targeted industries that would benefit from commercial drone use includes agriculture, construction, infrastructure maintenance, resource management, and more.

This is all great news for hobbyists quadracopter pilots! For one, the advanced technologies these companies create will eventually trickle down to the hobby drones.

Another big benefit would be the more major companies that have a vested interest in drones and quadcopters, the better the outlook for the industry as a whole. This means there will be more money and clout available to fight for sensible drone legislation.

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