DJI Phantom 5 Review

The DJI Phantom 5 is set to be an industry game-changer, with features and options never before available for personal drones. We’re hoping for higher speeds, new flight modes, better optics, among all of the different potential add-ins from this

DJI Phantom 5

DJI Phantom 5 Release Date

As much as we would love to provide an exact DJI Phantom 5 release date for you, it seems we still need to wait a little longer before this information is available. DJI is known for releasing products with little-to-no consumer notice. However, certain rumors have stated that the product will be out in mid-April this year. If this is the case, there is not much time left to prepare ourselves.

DJI Phantom 5 Specs

Since we are yet to actually hold a DJ Phantom 5 in our hands, the exact specifications of this device are still a little up in the air. However, there are various areas where we should either expect to improve, or there would be no sense in purchasing the upgrade at all. Here are some things we look forward to seeing improvements upon in the DJI Phantom 5 specs.

Anti-Collision Sensors

The anti-collision sensors on the Phantom 4 were already pretty solid. However, there were still some areas which could have been improved. For example, having a 360-degree anti-collision sensor which even protects the drone from above would be ideal. We already pay a ton for our drone parts and models, we should at least receive some better protection in return.

Quick Speed

With the advent of drone sports and photography, there are many benefits that would come with higher speeds in this model. Since the Phantom 4 was already able to reach speeds around 45 MPH, this is definitely something that has been looked at with the Phantom 5 model. If all goes well, we should see speeds bordering around 50 – 60 MPH easily with the new model.

High-Quality Camera

This model is already widely known for having excellent cameras installed into the frame. However, the camera is something that will definitely still need to be improved upon. Many professional photographers and directors have begun to incorporate drones into their shots and simply need better cameras. Perhaps with the Phantom 5, there will be a nice stock camera with the ability to add in your own parts. This way, everybody can be satisfied.

DJI Phantom 5 Price Range

Although there is still plenty of mystery surrounding the DJI Phantom 5 price, one thing that we can say for certain is the price will be well over $2000 USD. However, serious drone enthusiasts with high expectations for this product are definitely expecting something around this number.

DJI Phantom 5 Rumors

Many rumors have already begun to surface as to what we should expect for the DJI Phantom 5 specs and price. Yet, there are some features which we can at least confirm to be under the microscope. Typically, the consumers are listened to between the release of each product so that the manufacturer knows what to focus on for the next model. Out of all the DJI Phantom 5 rumors, here are some of the top things that are hopefully adjusted for the next model.

Better Battery?

If there is one thing that many people are interested in, it is how long they will be able to keep this drone in the air. Although the Phantom 4 had a pretty decent battery life, there are big expectations that the Phantom 5 will have a battery which outperforms all the competition. However, getting there will not be easy.

Although we all love to fly drones in the first place, it can be safely argued that the industry needs to improve here. Nothing short of flight times of at least an hour will be enough to be considered a serious upgrade. However, we might still be stuck in the range of 30 – 45 minutes again with this model.

Retractable Landing Gear?

This is something that really needs attention with the new model. With retractable landing gear comes the ability to much more quickly and conveniently use our personal drones. Think about having more space for your camera without the landing gear getting in the way.

Retractable landing gear really seems like a no-brainer. The benefits that you receive, such as increased speed, are easy to point out. This is something that all of us truly hope that the people over at DJI have been thinking about. We know that this is possible, all it takes is some extra effort from the designers.

Better Anti-Collision?

Although the DJI Phantom 4 did it’s best to help prevent accidents from happening, we clearly still need to improve the safety features before more people will feel comfortable buying drones. Since they can be so easy to break with just one small mistake, improved anti-collision features are something which will really separate this product from the competition.

Features which protect from water landings, and crashing into land features would be very nice to have in the Phantom 5. However, what should at least expect is a 360-degree anti-collision mechanism which helps prevent accidents from all sides of the drone.

Better Flight Time?

This is something that really needs to be improved upon the in Phantom 5. The 30 – 45 minutes of the previous model simply is not enough. In many cases, it can take about this long until you really start to have fun, and then realize that it’s time for the drone to come back down.

Whether it means we can use third-party batteries, have a battery with extra life, or whatever needs to be done, there needs to be a better flight time if this model hopes to be more successful than its predecessor. With improved flight times comes the ability to have better shots and maneuvers without constantly monitoring the battery.

DJI Phantom 5: What We Know

Although there is still plenty of speculation going around, we do know that the DJI Phantom 5 will be priced above $2000 USD, it will be fast in the air, it will come with a high-quality camera, and it will have many features which will be improved upon from the last model.

Although it is difficult to pinpoint exactly which features will be improved, when it is coming out, and so on, what we can say for certain right now is that this will be a model on every drone enthusiasts watch list.