Four Drone Photography Tips For Beginners

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3 Ways to Avoid Crashing Your Drone

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Drones for Agriculture

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New DJI Phantom 2 Firmware – v3.12

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Summary of FAA Drone Rules and Regulation

Recreational Use of Drones As of now, drones and quadcopters may be flown for recreational purposes under the same safety guidelines as those for model aircrafts. To read an overview of those rules, check out this FAA hobby flying guide. Recreational/hobby … Read more

Drone Investment Up 104% In 2014

According to CBInsights, funding for drone start-ups were up 104% to $108 million for 2014. 29 funding deals were completed with Airwave taking in the most money. Investments into drone companies is a sign of increasing main stream acceptance … Read more

Frozen Niagara Falls From Drone Point of View

Courtesy of NBC, check out the footage shot from a drone of the beautiful Niagara Falls, frozen in the winter. Shots like this bring out the potential in drone photography, giving us a unique view of the world … Read more

New Kickstarter Project Mixes Drones and Airplane

There’s a new high-end drone making its’ way to consumers via KickStarter, but it’s unlike what you’ve seen before. Krossblade describes their SkyProwler as “A transformer drone that hovers like a copter, flies fast and efficient like an … Read more