How to Fly a Drone

Remote Controller

While drones vary greatly in their features and costs, they all have one thing in common: They must be flown. While there are numerous technical aspects to drone flying, and while nothing can replace the benefits that hands-on learning provides, there are a few basics to flying drones that, when mastered, provide you with a foundation for enjoying the more advanced aspects of the hobby. Following are the basics to drone flying

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Best Cameras For Drones and Quadcopters 2018

One of the biggest payoffs of flying a drone is the images you capture during flight that give you a perspective you can’t get elsewhere. Often times a quadcopter will come with a camera built-in, but for those that want a higher-quality image or the ability to fly without the added weight, it makes sense to purchase a drone without a camera and stick on their own when they wish.

So I’ve compiled a list of options for those who want to purchase their own drone camera to save you time searching so you can spend more time flying!

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Drone Laws

Drone Laws

With the increasing popularity of drones and quadcopters, the FAA has implemented a number of drone laws and guidelines in order to ensure that these aircraft are used safely and appropriately. Obeying drone law is important if you are to … Read more