Best Drones for Photography

Many quadcopters come with cameras so you can take photos while your drone is in the air. In fact, it is difficult to find a quadcopter above $100 that does not come with some sort of camera. However, not all cameras are created equal. Most quadcopters that cost less than $1,000 will give you decent to excellent photos, but will not give you the type of professional photography with will cause jaws to drop or earn you money as an aerial photographer.

The best drones for photography comes with the ability to take 2.7K or 4K video, and photos that are at least 12MP. They include separate gimbals for the camera to ensure stability no matter what the drone is doing, allow you to hover to capture the clearest shots, boast high resolution images, and come with strong reviews that confirm their performance as professional-level cameras. If you want to enjoy an aerial photography drone that is known for excellent drone photography and may very well be the best drone for photography, you may want to consider the DJI Inspire 1. Following is an overview of this incredible quadcopter’s features, especially when it comes to photography.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00PQISFOE” locale=”US” tag=”drone0e0-20″]DJI T600 Inspire 1 Quadcopter with 4k Video Camera

DJI T600 Inspire 1 Quadcopter with 4k Video Camera[/easyazon_link]Dimensions: 20in. X 15in. X 15in.
Weight: 15 pounds
Battery: 5700 mAH 22.8VLiPo
Fly time: 18 minutes
Range: 1,600 feet
Camera: 4K HD camera

This incredible photography drone has been reviewed above. However, there are certain features that bear closer examination because of the fact that they contribute to this drone’s ability to function as one of the best aerial photography drones around.

The first of these features is the camera itself. Many of the higher priced drones come with 4K cameras like the Inspire 1 does. However, it is the other features of this camera that make it stand out above the rest. For example, the Inspire 1 also comes with its own gimbal to keep the camera steady. Plus, it comes with a huge resolution of 12.76 MP, for clear shots that are hard to match with any other camera. Plus, its field of view is 360 degrees, because the drone is made to lift its arms out the way when you are taking shots. This means that your photograph is completely unobstructed, allowing you to capture panoramic views that will make even demanding professional photographers happy.

If the camera and accessories that come with the Inspire 1 are not enough, you can also purchase accessories, such as filters, that will further improve your experience with this powerful camera and carefully crafted quadcopter. For example, the filters you can purchase include an ultra violet filter, an ND fader filter, a circuar polarizer filter, and an ND filter. Depending upon the filter you choose, you can reduce the amount of glare you experience against the lens of the camera, reduce the amount of UV light that penetrates (and wears down the lens), improve the appearance of your nature shots, and more.

The Inspire 1 also stands out as a great drone for photography because it allows you the option of purchasing a focus controller. This controller can be linked to your camera to allow you to focus the camera on whatever you wish to photograph. The result is an even clearer quality in your pictures, and the freedom to control exactly what your photos look like. Plus, the multiple versions of the Inspire 1 available for purchase mean that you can select exactly the version that will best suit your photography and videography needs.

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