Best Drone Videos of 2015 (So Far)

Aerial video and photography is one of the biggest draws to the drone hobby. Let’s get some inspiration from the greatest drone videos filmed so far this year and see what was captured.

Napal Earthquake by Quadcopter

In late April, an earthquake of 7.9 struck Napal taking thousands of lives. The footage above captured via quadcopter shows some of the extent of this historic disaster and the impact it has on peoples’ lives. You’ll see the large masses of tents set up out in an open field, staying as far away as possible from any building or structures that could fall in an aftershock.

Humpback Whales Feeding via Drone

Here’s an incredible nature video of Humpback whales feeding together. This video shows the versatility of drones to capture nature without disturbing what’s happening.

Drone Tour of Auschwitz

This haunting video captures the grounds of Auschwitz on a bleak and dreary day. To me, this video makes a bigger impact as to the scale of the horrors that happened here more than any other photos or films I have seen.

Dubai from a Drone

For those of you interested more in architecture, look no further than the above Dubai video. Excellent shots capture at night and day, and somehow the drone manages to bring the massive buildings into perspective.

If you’re feeling inspired to get started with your own filming, you could look into a DJI Phantom 2 if you have the funds, or our list of the best drone cameras for some more budget friendly.

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